Heavy Duty Double Gate Lockable Adjustable Hook & Band Hinge Kit


An Adjustable Hook & Band Hinge Set, complete with Hinges, Drop Bolts, Brenton Bolt and a Long Throw Key Lockable Gate Latch. Supplied in Black or Galvanised and in various Hinge lengths.

Kit comprises of :

2 pairs Adjustable Hook & Band Hinges ( 4 straps, 4 hooks on plates, 4 eyebolts )

2 x 18″ (450mm) Drop Bolts

1 x 6″ (150mm) Brenton bolt

1 x Long Throw Gate Lock,

When selecting the options from the drop down menu it will add the cost of each item to the total price of the kit at the CHECKOUT. The price showing is for the cheapest 18″ kit.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that you purchase hinges that are roughly HALF thelength of the gate. Obviously this isn’t a guarantee as gates are made from heavier and lighter material but it’s a good guide to go on.

Long throw lock

When choosing the keying options make sure you choose the right lock (see below).

0-52 mm gate thickness = 50mm lock

52-70 mm gate thickness = 70mm lock.

A single sided lock has a key hole on the outside and a button on the inside but the double sided lock has a key hole BOTH on the inside and on the outside meaning you need a key to operate the lock on both sides of the gate.

PLEASE NOTE : The picture depicts the products in a galvanized finish but if you select black you WILL receive black.

Great value kit, ideal for Gates, Doors, Stable Doors, Barn Doors etc. ALL FIXINGS INCLUDED.