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    Barry Mills

    looks to be very good, heavy duty and well made. will add more when fitted

    Heavy 8Heavy 8″ (200mm) Plain Handle Ring Latch in Galvanised

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    Steve Litton

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    Mr Gilley

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    David Brown

    excellent quality, worth the extra

    STAINLESS STEEL 450mm (18STAINLESS STEEL 450mm (18″) Tee Hinges

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    Dennis Mills

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    Will Taylor

    good price and quick delivery

    Box of 50 Gravel Board 2 Pin Cleats 6Box of 50 Gravel Board 2 Pin Cleats 6″

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    excellent value with next day delivery

    Tee Hinge Galvanised Single Gate 10 PackTee Hinge Galvanised Single Gate 10 Pack

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    Mel Lynton

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    Ged Owens

    Just received hinge…..thanks for prompt service plus communication replies.
    Very pleased with the customer service/sales

    BLACK 450mm (18BLACK 450mm (18″) Heavy Reversible Hinges

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    Mr Peter Trebel

    Superb quality, fitted to our entrance gates and look amazing

    Stainless Steel 900mm (36Stainless Steel 900mm (36″) Adjustable Hook and Band Hinges per pair