Heavy Duty Double Gate Wide Pattern 36″ (900mm) Adjustable Hinge Kit


  • 2 pairs of wide pattern 36″ (900mm) adjustable hook and band hinges (4 bands, 4 hook plates and 4 eye bolts).
  • 2 X 450mm (18 inch) drop bolts
  • 1 X 150mm (6 inch) plain handle ring latch
  • 1 X 150mm (6 inch) lockable Brenton bolt

Select the finish of products and size of hinges from the drop down menu. The additional cost will be calculated at the checkout.

The hinges you receive will be the 36″ (900mm) WIDE PATTERN hinges, the width of the hinge and the hook plate is 75mm rather than 57mm, this will give you extra strength.

All you need to hang and secure a pair of heavy gate/doors.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that you purchase hinges that are roughly HALF the length of the gate. Obviously this isn’t a guarantee as gates are made from heavier and lighter material but it’s a good guide to go on.

PLEASE NOTE : The picture depicts the products in a black finish but if you select galv you WILL receive galv.



If hanging large heavy gates and the terrain is suitable it is advisable to fit a Gate Wheel to add extra support, please visit the section “gate wheels and castors” under our products at the top of the page.