Heavy 8″ (200mm) Plain Handle Ring Latch in Black

Original price was: £28.08.Current price is: £25.38.

New to the market and only available with us.

Heavy 8″ plain handle ring latch in a Black finish

This latch is perfect when you have a large gate and the standard ring latches on the market are too small.

The picture of the two latches is to show the big difference in size between this 8″ latch and the standard 6″.

Weight of the latch is 1.725 kgs

Overall length of latch bar is 200mm and 6mm thick

Both flowery backplates are 90mm diameter

Pull rings are 100mm diameter and 12mm thick

Both keepers are 110mm high and 25mm wide

Spindle is 120mm long

Fixing screws are included.

Please note the second picture is to show the difference between this 8″ latch and a standard 6″ latch, you are buying the one 8″ latch not the two latches