Double Gate 48″ (1200mm) GALV Adjustable Hook and Band Hinge Set

Original price was: £134.92.Current price is: £108.00.

    • 2 pairs of 48″ (1200mm) adjustable hook and band hinges (4 bands, 4 hook plates and 4 eye bolts) GALV
    • 2 X 450mm (18 inch) drop bolts GALV
    • 1 X 150mm (6 inch) ring latch GALV
    • 1 X 150mm (6 inch) lockable Brenton bolt GALV

These 1200mm 48″ hinges are 70mm wide and the hook plate is 200mm x 60mm.

All you need to hang and secure a pair of heavy gate/doors.

As a general rule of thumb, we suggest that you purchase hinges that are roughly HALF the length of the gate. Obviously this isn’t a guarantee as gates are made from heavier and lighter material but it’s a good guide to go on.


A huge saving over buying the items individually.